My Terrace House Pilgrimage to Karuizawa Pt 2

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After a very long first day, it was time to head over to our AirBNB. Junya chose this really stylish place up in the mountains that would fit in perfectly with the Terrace House aesthetic. We quickly unloaded our luggage and it was time to explore!

As Seina would say, “Oshare~”

The house consisted of three floors, with the top floor and bottom floors being spaces to sleep. The middle floor had a kitchen/living area where you could cook, eat, hang out, drink copious amounts of wine… etc. We decided that the girls should sleep on the top floor while the boys would sleep at the bottom. Once our living arrangements were settled, it was time to make dinnerrrrrr.

Dinner time!

Anyway, I was supposed to pick the item I didn’t like the most out of all the ingredients but… I forgot who it was that lost. This is why you shouldn’t write blog posts half a year after the event took place lol (If anyone reading this remembers please remind me T.T)

Playing some drinking games
Can you guess what this picture is?

We also brought some games with us to stave off boredom. One of our favourites was this sketch game where everyone would have a sketchbook and had to draw out whatever the word written in it says. Then, you pass it on to the next person and the person would have to guess what you drew. It goes on and on till the last page and we’d see who managed to guess correctly till the end. The worst player would have to take a shot! And the award for the ugliest drawing goes to….. Tamachan.

The day of the trip was also close to Tamachan and Ryuuchan’s birthday so we decided to secretly buy a cake and surprise them! It was difficult because we were travelling as a group so I made up a great excuse by saying how much I was craving for cake and went down to collect it while the rest of them waited in the car. They didn’t suspect a thing so they were really surprised when we presented the cake to them. I’m glad they liked it 🙂

Having a heart-to-heart talk

Following the mini birthday celebration, we continued chatting until late into the night; while drinking lots of alcohol of course. I was able to learn many things that I did not know about my friends before. Around 3AM in the morning, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed.

Our AirBNB in the morning

Once morning arrived, it was time to pack up and head to our next destination, KERA-IKE ice-skating rink! It was the skating rink where Shion and Tsubasa had their first date.

A group photo before we left
Run guys run!

We were having a little trouble reversing out of the driveway, and so Tamachan and Yamachan got down to help direct us. As thanks for their help, we drove the car away and the both of them had to chase us down LOL (It’s just a harmless prank between friends don’t worry we didn’t actually leave them)

Tamachan describing the size of the flying squirrels

Throughout the entire trip, Tamachan was talking about how he was looking forward to seeing a flying squirrel and that they were 180cm in size! Bullshit, I thought but he kept insisting it was true so we finally settled it by asking the staff at the resort.

Tamada: I heard flying squirrels go up to 180cm in size!

Staff: No, they go up to 30cm 🙂

Tamada: Including the tail?!

Staff: Yes, including the tail….

Poor Tamada and his hopes broken…

The irony of wanting to go ice-skating is that… I can’t actually skate. Cue me being helped by all my friends while I try not to fall flat on my face…

When you need 3 people to support you at the same time
Made Yamachan push me around because I was tired…
Junya giving up after a few tries
At Harunire Terrace
The cutest doggo

After exhausting ourselves at the ice-skating rink, we went to grab lunch at the Harunire Terrace. The Harunire Terrace is an outdoor terrace area boasting many fashionable shops and restaurants. There is a French restaurant there called Cercle (the shop Yuudai first interviewed at for a part-time job and failed) that I wanted to try but because the restaurant was full that day we decided to drive to the main shopping street in Karuizawa instead; Kyu-Karuizawa Ginza street.

There is a restaurant here specializing in tofu dishes where Taka, Shohei, and Seina dropped by for dinner in one of the episodes but unfortunately when we arrived they were going to close for the day. The owner was also a little rude so I do not recommend going :/

The store Wakadori where Taka used to work part-time is also located on this street! Anyway, after walking for a while and becoming increasingly hungry, we randomly walked into a family restaurant for lunch.

We also dropped by a specialty gin store (PS: My favourite spirit is gin!)
Soft cream from Tamada
Asking Tamachan carrying me because I was tired…

Man, it’s hard being my friend.

It was getting late and it was time for us to head back to Tokyo. We got in the car and drove off into the sunset. If only things were that easy. We endured a four hour traffic jam before we arrived back at our sharehouse safe and sound. To my friends who were willing to take this trip with me (especially Ryuuchan and Aochan who didn’t even watch Terrace House beforehand), thank you very much! I love you guys.

Writing this post has made me nostalgic. I miss my friends and all the crazy adventures we’ve had in Japan. This is also why I started a blog again, to jot down all of my precious memories so that I could look back at them in the future. I hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will end soon so that I can return to Tokyo to visit my friends. </3

I hope that you guys have enjoyed coming along with us on our little adventure! For those of you planning on your own Terrace House pilgrimage, this website contains a lot of useful information from the names and addresses of the places featured in the show to the episodes they appeared in too! you can also read about part 1 of the trip here. Happy travelling my friends!

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