My Last Day In Tokyo

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The 5th of February 2020. It was the day I left Tokyo after four glorious years. Coincidentally, I’m writing this blog post exactly one year after I left. Let’s call it my one year anniversary of leaving Tokyo, yeah? Back when I left Tokyo, I was honestly unsure whether it was the right thing to do. What I knew was I was starting to get tired of living in the city and needed a change of pace. I wanted to come home and do something different for a while. I thought I would be able to return for visits whenever I wanted, but then… the pandemic struck. And I ended up stuck in Malaysia for the unforeseeable future. Did I regret it though? Absolutely not.

I knew I wanted to leave Tokyo with a bang, so I chose to have my farewell lunch at L’Osier, a Michelin 3 Star French restaurant in Tokyo. The food and atmosphere were really great; the service, impeccable. However, as much as I enjoyed my time there, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow about my impending goodbye.

After lunch, we took a final stroll around Ginza and popped in to Tokyu Hands to buy some last-minute presents for my friends and family. Then it was time to rush home and pack because I’m the kind of procrastinator who likes to leave things until the very last minute lol. So I packed. And packed. And packed. And I realized that I actually had more stuff to pack than I initially thought fml. I ended up packing all the way till it was time to leave for the airport wtf.

Saying goodbye to my home of the past 4 years

I wanted to write messages for my friends in Tokyo, but as I spent all my free time packing, I ended up having to write them while onboard the express train to Narita. Never again, I tell you. I get motion sickness very easily and feel awful if I so much as look at my phone on the train so imagine having to write messages while moving. I felt like I was going to throw up at any second. I even continued writing while at the airport having dinner because I just couldn’t finish on time lol. Guys, this is why you should have better time management skills. Don’t be like me.

After finally completing the messages in a hurry, it was time to make my way to the departure gate. And it was then that it hit me. I wasn’t going to come back (at least in the distant future anyway). I started bawling in front of the departure gates while clinging to my boyfriend. We stood there embracing each other for the longest time. It was like time had stood still in that moment.

Unfortunately, time waits for no one and it was soon time to go. I wiped my tears, took a deep breath, and left. All the way through immigration I kept looking down to try and hide my tear-streaked face. It’s funny. I didn’t shed a single tear when I left Malaysia for Tokyo the first time. But now when it was time to go home, I cried like a little baby. I guess I really must have loved Japan after all.

Now that one year has passed, I can confidently say that my choice to leave Japan at that point in time was the right decision. I would love to go back and live in Tokyo again someday, but for now, Malaysia is still my home. またね、東京。

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