I Hosted A Farewell Party For 70 People

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It’s strange. For someone who’s an introvert and not good at social interactions, who would have expected that over 70 people would attend my farewell party? I certainly didn’t. In fact, Junya teased me the day I sent out the online invites saying “Are you sure anyone would come? Do you even have any friends?” which made me extremely anxious. Do you know what’s worse than a socially awkward person attempting to host a party? A party where no one would attend. Thankfully, a lot of people RSVP-ed; in fact, my farewell party turned out to be one of the biggest farewell parties in the history of my share house which I’m extremely grateful for (I think more than half of them just wanted to attend for the drinks and food though w).

Me and my slaves :*

As you can see from the photo above, these are my “slaves”. It’s a running joke among me and my friends where I have a bunch of people serving me like a princess while I order them around to do things like carrying an umbrella for me to shield me from the sun, wash my plates, comfort me when I’m sad, etc. Man, I miss my slaves. I wish I had slaves too in Malaysia LOL

Hi, I’m Hermes, and welcome to my TED Talk

There wasn’t really much of a structure to my party unlike the ones hosted by the Japanese where there’d be things to do lined up by the minute. I just wanted to chill, talk to people I like, eat the food I made, dance a little… the end. However, being that we were in Japan, of course they’d make me do a speech. Honestly, I don’t even remember what I said because I hate speeches. I think I awkwardly said a few words expressing my gratitude to everyone for the past four years in Japan #awkwardturtle

In the feels

My first performance at the share house was a chair dance for a Valentine’s Day event because the organizer requested me to perform and so I found it fitting for my last performance to also be a chair dance. After years of stage fright growing up, I conquered it by participating in as many dance performances as possible during my stay in Tokyo.

With half of my terrible people gang (+ a random guy who keeps trying to get in all the photos wtf)

When I first moved to Tokyo and had no friends, I met a group of amazing people who made my life in Tokyo a hundred times more colourful and fun. Dubbing ourselves as “The Terrible People Except For Yumiko Who’s As Pure As Freshly Fallen Snow”, we had tons of crazy adventures from many drunken nights playing King’s Cup in the lounge, visiting the Farmer’s Market in Aoyama, eating Joe’s scones, making fun of Daisuke, belting out Bohemian Rhapsody at the top of our voices during karaoke, going on trips to the beach… One by one they’ve moved out from the share house and now it’s my turn. Adulting is hard, guys.

The Cool Bitches

I actually met these bitches very late in the game, only a few months before I moved out. The truth was that after more than 3 years of living in the share house, I was tired of making new friends only to have them leave again in a year. I’ve actually stopped trying to befriend people at that point and mostly ignored all the newcomers in the house. So this newfound friendship with them was really unexpected, especially since I didn’t think we’d ever become friends. It turned out that we shared a love for anime, Chinese dramas, cute boys, Disney songs, and bitching lmao so I’m glad we did :’)

Halfway through the party, I was feeling a little tired and went up to my room to refresh myself and when I came down, everyone was silently gathered in a circle watching… waiting.. for something.. It was rather eerie, like a scene from a horror movie. It turned out they were all waiting for me (oops) in order to give me a surprise. Truthfully, I knew there was a surprise planned (because I saw some of my friends acting suspiciously a few days before LOL) but I was expecting a photobook or something so I was actually surprised when they came out with a cake. And flowers. And presents. Thanks guys T_____T

The amazing cake made by Fumi and Rie. It’s my name, geddit?
With the girls who made the cake for me god I have an ugly smile this is why I got Invisalign wtf
Everyone dressed in fancy outfits because I’m fancy that way

To Yamachan and Aochan who helped out as bartenders, Daisuke and Tamada the handymen, Ryuuchan and Ayumin the photographers, Junya the treasurer, Nik, Risa, Stella, Fumi, and Kisara who granted my wish of performing for the last time, thank you all so much. The party wouldn’t have been a success without you guys. And to everyone who attended, I hope you enjoyed the party. Don’t forget about me! Till we meet again, x

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