2020 Is Over!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The year is coming to an end. This year was a pretty strange year to say the least, with the discovery of an infectious disease that has led to a worldwide pandemic and lockdowns in many countries. The rampant spread of CoViD-19 has brought many challenges for many of us, may it be economically, socially, …

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How I Saved 2 Million Yen A Year Earning Minimum Wage In Tokyo

Reading Time: 5 minutes When I first started on my financial independence journey, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was something totally new to me and so I had to try different ways to make it work. All I knew at the time was that I wanted to save at least ¥1,500,000 per year. That meant saving …

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My Terrace House Pilgrimage to Karuizawa Pt 1

Reading Time: 6 minutes

“こんばんは!こんばんは。テラスハウスは見ず知らずの男女6人が共同生活する様子をただただ記録したものです 用意したのは ステキなおウチとステキ車だけです 台本は一切ございません。”

The familiar opening lines of Terrace House gets me every time. For those of you not in the know, Terrace House is a hit Japanese reality series about 6 strangers building connections with each other while living together under the same roof. I first heard of Terrace House when one of my share house friends introduced it to me. Intrigued, I watched an episode and quickly got hooked into the lives of these 6 beautiful men and women.