A Birthday Surprise Pt 1

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These past few years when I was living in Tokyo, I’ve always celebrated my birthday with a big group of amazing people. So when I came back to Malaysia I was a little sad because I thought I would be alone during my birthday this year. But the truth is I’ve forgotten that I also have friends and family here who love me very much.

And when it comes to effort, no one can beat my baby Cheryl who prepared many different surprises for my birthday. <3

My bros (Cheryl, Soo, Kenneth) asked if there was anywhere I would like to go for my birthday and after careful deliberation, I chose Fuego, a restaurant serving South American cuisine and fancy cocktails. I was craving for guacamole but my usual Mexican food buddies were not around to enjoy it with me and so my bros had to suffer through the dinner with me instead… (You could have just told me you didn’t like avocados guys)

Funny story; Cheryl texted me before dinner and asked me what our colour theme was for the night and I replied dark colours.

After meeting up at her place;

Cheryl: I thought you said dark colours?! Why are you wearing brown?

Me: Isn’t brown a dark colour?!?!

What do you think guys?? Is brown considered a dark colour or not?

Anyway, when I arrived at her house the first thing she told me was how she had picked out balloons for my birthday but they looked like balloons for some 5-year-old’s party. Her excuse was she asked the shop staff to pick out the balloons instead of choosing them herself. Then she attempted to deflect from the matter by showing me the flowers she chose for me instead. “Look at how beautiful these flowers are! I have good taste ok.”

Sigh. It’s okay baby I love anything you pick out for me regardless.

A few moments later, Soo and Kenneth came to pick us up in their car and off we went for dinner! Even though Cheryl made me carry the balloons all the way to the restaurant, the staff told her that no balloons were allowed hahahaha. We were seated pretty quickly and had all of 10 minutes to take photos before the sky started to pour. It was a magnificent sight with the thunder roaring and the lightning lighting up the sky like fireworks. I even got to see the moment the lightning struck the KL Tower! Sadly I didn’t take any photos of it but I’m sure you can find it on the internet somewhere.

Everyone wearing black except for me 😡
Me and my mermaid cake

I’ve always wanted one of those grand, over the top Instagrammable cakes and this year my wish came true. Cheryl got me the prettiest cake decorated with macarons, chocolate mermaid tails, and fresh flowers. The problem with Instagrammable cakes though is that it usually doesn’t taste good but luckily this one by Brown & Sugar was great! It was a little too big for four people though… I think I gained like 5 pounds afterward T__T

Remember to mask up when you’re outside!

To end the night, we went back to my place to open more presents. Wait, didn’t Cheryl get you like 3 gifts already you ask? But there’s more. This crazy girl got me 2 more presents; a Jo Malone Candle and a ring light so I can become a TikTok star (LOL). I had a wishlist with 7 (8?) items on it and she basically bought me like half of the items on my list. Did I save a country in my past life or something what did I do to deserve such a loving friend :’)

You can check out her video on my birthday here!

With all my presents;
Kenneth & Soo got me heart-shaped ramekins from Le Creuset

More than the presents, the fact that my friends took the time to plan this birthday surprise for me made me really happy. Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me!

Stay tuned for part 2 of my birthday celebrations.

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